Tuberculosis Control & Prevention

Tuberculosis Section

Epi-Lab Established as a collaborating center of the IUATLD (The Union) with foremost concern in Tuberculosis and Lung disease

The overall goal of the Tuberculosis Control and Prevention Section is to support national tuberculosis programs in Sudan and countries of the Region, to reduce the disease burden and suffering attributable to tuberculosis. The Strategic Objectives of the Section lie within the five departmental units. Relevant targets and related indicators within each strategic objective highlight the anticipated outcomes over this planning period (2007-2012).

Section Objectives

    Public Participation is needed in the form of the Stop TB partnership to:
  • Getting more commitment Mobilizing more resources
  • Increasing the access
  • Developing more appropriate applicable tools
  • All this Lead to increase the case detection rate and treat more TB patients.

Section Achievements

    Components of the first partnership:
  • DOTS committees170
  • Universities out reach 19
  • Schools out reach 300
  • TB in workplaces17
  • TB in prisons 27
  • TB in forth defense (Police and army) 37

Section Team

Head of Section
Dr. Elsony Hamad Elniel
Prof. Asma Elsony