Zoonotic Tuberculosis Section

Zoonotic Tuberculosis Section

In rural Africa, and the Middle East, people have a close relationship with their animals. So, animals can be sources of zoonotic disease including tuberculosis. Sudan has more than 130 millions of domesticated animal; about 50 millions of this number is cattle. In Sudan as in many developing countries, the prevalence of animals’ tuberculosis is unknown and need more attention. No policy at country level established to control animals tuberculosis. The general goal of the section is to eradicate tuberculosis in animal and human herds in the country.


Section Units

  • Surveillance unit
  • Laboratory unit
  • Eradication unit
  • Wildlife unit

Section Team

Head of Section
Dr. Elsony Hamad Elniel
Prof. Asma Elsony

Section Objectives

Zoonotic Tuberculosis Section general objective is to eradicate bovine Tuberculosis from animals and human

  1. To determine the epidemiology of tuberculosis in live stock and wildlife animals.
  2. To determine the prevalence of animal tuberculosis in specific localities in Sudan
  3. To study the prevalence of animal tuberculosis in human
  4. To set up test slaughter policy
  5. To identify the risk factors associated with tuberculosis in live stock, wildlife animals and slaughterhouses.
  6. To set up vaccination policy for uninfected cattle and wildlife
  7. To study the risk factors associated with the transmission of animal tuberculosis to human.
  8. To exchange knowledge and skill by building effective national, regional, and international networks of researchers working in this field.
  9. To establish culture and molecular biology laboratory.
  10. To develop and evaluate new techniques for animal tuberculosis investigation.