Health Informatics Department

Health Informatics Department

The department started with a vision of having a quality health data, Evidence based decisions and integrated health data systems. Our mission is to lead the development and implementation of comprehensive and integrated health information that support decision making; and having an effective health system management that improve health and health care.

Department Sections

The department has three sub sections:

  • Data management,
  • Geographical Information system and
  • Knowledge Management

Each of which has its own strategic plans that integrate with overall department strategic plans.

Key Outcomes, Research And Projects

  • An Asthma Follow-up System using RapidSMS.
  • Urban Heart research (Health Equity Assessment and Response Tool).
  • A comparison study between mobile-based data collection and paper-based data collection in a burden of obstructive pulmonary disease in Gezira state.
  • Development of a web based TB surveillance system.
  • Aiding decision making in public health domain using GIS mapping.
  • GIS mapping for different Epilab sections, projects and research.
  • Conference of knowledge management in health.
  • Co-organizer on the first knowledge management capacity in Africa workshop.


  • Improve the Comprehensiveness, Quality and Availability of Data in the Epilab ,
  • Support Population Health and Health System Decision-Making in Epilab and Sudan.
  • Deliver Organizational Excellence.