Global Fund: Increasing access to DOTs in Sudan with focus in Hard to reach population



The project of the Global fund is aiming to maintain a steady decrease in TB prevalence and death rates through following activities:

TB Mobile clinic and active case findings :

  • •To ensure the early detection and initiation of appropriate treatment for those with active TB.
  • •To reduce the risk of poor treatment outcomes, health squelae and the adverse social and economic consequences of TB.
  • To reduce transmission of TB, with the ultimate goal of reducing future incidence. 


Establish a network of treatment supporters to Support MDR Patient at community level and provide the patient  with monthly incentive to ensure their adherence to treatment :

  • •To establish ambulatory services for MDR patient at community level.
  • •To ensure the presence of a qualified treatment supporter for each MDR patient.
  • •To ensure timely assignment of treatment supporter to the patient from the nearest TBMUs facility.
  • •To ensure the presence of strong monitoring system regarding Adverse Drug Reaction of second line.
  • •To ensure presence of active screening to MDR contact.
  • •To ensure the presence of a qualified treatment supporter for each MDR patient
  • •To ensure zero lost of follow-up for MDR patients.

Comprehensive course on clinical management of drug resistant Tuberculosis:

•Strengthening capacity of participants on  clinical and programmatic management of drug resistant TB.