Intervention to Delay Early Marriage in Gazeira State, Sudan Project

The project ran in Gezira state Sudan. The main objectives were:

To understand possible drivers of early and child marriage and to identify opportunities for intervention to improve reproductive health of adolescent girls within Gezira State, Sudan.


•To explore social norms (socio-cultural and economic) relating to marriage practices among adolescent girls (10-19) from the perspective of adolescent girls, their families and key community stakeholders.

•To understand the pathways, decision-making processes and triggers of marriage among adolescent girls from the perspectives of adolescent girls, their parents and influential individuals.

•To understand views of a range of strategies to promote adolescent and reproductive health among key community stakeholders.


Project implemented in two main phases:


1.Early Phase Study (Exploratory Phase: Jun 2014 – March 2016)

2.Main Study (Intervention Development Phase)