Triage-Plus for TB-HIV: improving community-based provision for TB and HIV in Africa


Triage Plus project is a scientific intervention depends on using the community groups which active and effective on the population to help in finding more cases of TB and providing medical care to them.

The overall hypothesis

Triage-Plus (an integrated package incorporating adaptable, but linked combinations of disease recognition, health communication, treatment, and referral) for TB and HIV can be implemented by a variety of close-to-community (CTC) health-care providers to promote effective health care provision for the poor and vulnerable.

Specific Research Objectives

1. To design a package containing linked elements of disease recognition, health communication, treatment, and referral (Triage-Plus) for TB and HIV which:

a) can be adapted for use by a variety of community-based health-care providers
b) strengthens existing community health care networks
c) promotes synergistic and effective linkages with the formal public health service
d) complements formal public health services in tasks that can be done by the community
e) provides a point of entry for HIV treatment and prevention services
f) builds on different patient perspectives to maintain and strengthen the package

2. To assess the effectiveness of Triage-Plus delivery by different kinds of CTC providers in terms of favorable treatment outcomes for TB and entry into HIV services.

3. To build the capacity of developing country research partners to conduct sustainable, policy relevant, health systems research.