TB  Reach Project  (To reach un-reached population)


TB REACH is a five-year initiative funded with a grant of 100 million Canadian dollars by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Launched in January 2010, TB REACH is a fast-track funding initiative of the international Stop TB Partnership.  As suggested by its name, TB REACH focuses on reaching people who have limited or no access to TB services.


The main objective of TB REACH is to promote early and increased case detection of infectious tuberculosis (TB) cases and ensure their timely treatment, while maintaining high cure rates within DOTS programmes. The initiative seeks to contribute to addressing the wide and persistent gap in detection of TB cases, which remains a major barrier to accelerating progress in the global fight against TB. It is estimated that over 9 million new cases of TB occur worldwide each year but only 5 to 6 million TB cases are detected and notified by national TB programs.


TB REACH encourages the development and application of innovative, ground-breaking and efficient techniques, interventions, and activities that result in increased TB case detection, reduced transmission and prevention of the emergence of drug-resistant forms of TB.

TB REACH aims to galvanize governments, organizations and affected communities to embrace innovative thinking and ambitious action to reach all people who need TB care.


Epi-Lab TB REACH Project:

General Objective:

To additionally increase smear positive TB case notification by 1932 and achieve treatment success rate of detected cases of 85% through multiple approaches to reach unreached population by the current TB control activities and strategies. 

Specific Objectives:

  1. Additionally increase smear positive TB notification from the IDPs camps in South and North Darfur states and prison’s inmates by 1092 through active screening of cases
  2. Additionally increase smear positive TB notification from other public health facilities by 405 through expansion of standard TB services to other public health facilities in Khartoum state
  3. Additionally increase smear positive female TB case notification by 435 patients in North Kordufan and Gazira states through provision of incentives packages