Comprehensive course on clinical management of drug resistant Tuberculosis(The Union, Epi-Lab)

4-day intensive training course consists of interactive in-class presentations, discussions and practical exercises as well as presentation and discussion of MDR-TB cases, aiming to strengthen participants’ capacity in clinical and programmatic management of drug-resistant TB. The comprehensive course aims to train a pool of experts in Sudan who could be national trainers for clinical management of drug resistant TB, particularly that the course was attended by policy makers from the Directorate of Communicable and No Communicable diseases (CNCD) Department of case management, including representatives from the National reference lab and state labs,Epilab Staff, as well as MDR National focal person and MDR State coordinators. The attendance of senior staff including Chest physicians led to more experience shared and more interactive discussions.


Technical Advisory Committee Visit 2016 from the 24th to the 29th of September 2016.

9/05//2016   Team: Gunar A.Bjune, Rasmus Malmborg Team-Leader


The Epi-Lab is a research and development Centre that started with a knowledge application

endeavor to utilize the TB model of directly observed treatment centers, as a health system

strengthening approach, as well as the skills and expertise of the team involved in running a

successful National TB Programme who was privileged to declare 100% DOTS coverage for Sudan in 2002. (1)

The corner stone of the Epi-Lab is the continuous vital TB/HIV data base (2) and its ultimate mission is improving the health and hence development of Sudan as a LMIC, transfer & exchange competence as well as knowledge within country, regionally and internationally. The Epi-Lab is a broker that bridges the gap between academia and public health services; it explores gaps and priorities, tailors and pilots the needed strategy, as well as providing evidence and seeking political commitment and networking to support and sustain interventions. (3) It addresses priorities at basic and implementation research levels to advance and improve health systems, combat disease, and reduce the impact of ill-health; as well as inspires innovation which tends to alleviate disease burden especially in poor settings.

Epi-Lab operates from Khartoum with projects in a number of states, Gezeira, Khartoum, Kassala, Gadarif,  Sinar, Blue Nile, North kordofan and Darfour states.

We work closely with the National Health Service (NHS) Federal and state Ministries and other healthcare delivery stakeholders to build innovation capacity within clinical research and practice and promote uptake and dissemination of new medical breakthroughs. Our key aim is to turn scientific discovery into better health for patients and populations across Sudan and far beyond - and to get this done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Consultants from the International Cooperation, International Tuberculosis Foundation, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the Institute of General Practice and Community Medicine, International Health, University of Oslo will visit Epi-Lab from the (24th to the 25th Overall TAC 26th -28th  BOLD/Triage2) September 2016.


The purpose of this technical assistance is to systematically evaluate progress made by the Epi-Lab Departments, Sections and Projects in making progress towards the set targets and priorities of each and to formulate recommendation which would guide Epi-Lab to strengthen its performance; the scope for refocusing and make progress to achieve its goals; in order to strengthen its position as a research and Public Health institution.

Princess Chichibu Memorial Award for Distinguished Service to TB Elimination:


-The Director of WHO's Stop TB Department, Dr Mario Raviglione, has been honoured the Princess Chichibu Memorial TB Global Award in2005.

-This year, on the 29th of October 2016, the prize is given to a person who has shown great achievements in anti-tuberculosis activities, irrespective of his or her nationality. Recommended by the awards committee of the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union), a candidate is nominated and confirmed by the Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association.

 The Princess Chichibu Global Memorial TB Award was presented to Asma El Sony (Sudan) by Prof Shoji Kudoh, Chairman, Board of Directors, JATA.  Asma El Sony, former President of The Union, is Director of the Epidemiological Laboratory (Epi-Lab) in Khartoum since 2005. Based on her successful experience with TB control, Prof El Sony has been involved in providing technical assistance to national tuberculosis control programmes in a number of countries.