Our Approach

The Epi-Lab Approach

We engage directly with International organizations, Ministries of Health, Academia and all groups and communities. We increasingly make use of digital technologies and social media, to reach further, as most regions of Sudan today are connected to mobile phones and the Internet.

So, with its rich natural resources and young population we believe that Sudan’s potential is considerable and the future carries an unprecedented promise for the country if we all do our utmost best to serve it.

By carrying out implementation research we can devise and demonstrate feasible strategies to overcome obstacles and improve the quality and effectiveness of health care delivery.

EpiLab works closely with public health providers in Khartoum and Gezira states and others to undertake its work. While the organisation is independent of the Federal Ministry of Health, it put works in close association and partnership with the state Ministries’ services to carry its partnership work. Funding for Epi-Lab activities is drawn comes from a variety of sources.

Epi-Lab operates from its own premises in Khartoum. The staff is organized into specialist sections/departments, a management unit and project groups.


Epi-Lab is actively contributing to improvement of public health services delivery in Sudan.